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As Sen. Akaka Pushes for Immersion School Funding, Despite Test Scores Showing Students Aren’t Proficient in Reading or Math

Posted on August 1, 2006 to the Charter Schools archive.
DOE/BOE Seek to Lower Standards for Immersion Students, Putting Them in the Same Category as Severely Disabled Students…..more

Hawaii Schools Still Do Not Measure Up

Posted on July 22, 2006 to the NCLB archive.
Two-thirds of Hawaii’s public schools failed to meet Adequate Yearly Progress on the state assessment…..more

Bureaucratic Meddling Preventing New Weighted Student Formula from Working

Posted on July 22, 2006 to the Legislation archive.

Local Control is Answer for Hawaii’s Failing Public Schools

Posted on June 27, 2006 to the NCLB archive.
Communities are fed up with bureaucracy and strive to take control of their children’s education…..more

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